Layout Plan

Arcadia – The prefect picture of Greenery, Blue Sky, and Happy Residents

Arcadia is indeed the embodiment of a peace and contentment. Greenery, pollution free skies, healthy and happy residents paint the picture of Arcadia in a glimpse. To experience the perfect representation of living in a homely gated community, Arcadia is but the best destination for your family.

Janapriya deploys state of the art resources with our in-house quality control department ensuring that our customers enjoy their homes for generations to come at Arcadia. Arcadia is the result of an effective evaluation process with finest engineering that money can buy. Arcadia’s structures meet or rather exceed industry standards for stability and are built with strict quality assurance and eye catching aesthetics.

Our engineers for Arcadia plan the spaces giving top priority to functionality but in the process, VAASTU is never compromised.